Stars and Strips: Here’s Wishing You a Beautiful Holiday

Happy 4th of July!

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Akim and I are headed out  to Lake Lewisville to enjoy some sun, swimming, and {my favorite) fireworks!  I absolutely love how fireworks are always awe-inspiring and beautiful. Whether you watch them from the top of your roof, catch them from the side of the road, or stare up at sky while drifting on the water, there is really something magical about them. We hope your day is filled with special American-loving moments!


Scenes of Summer {Baseball + Kebabs}

Akim and I recently enjoyed a night at Rangers Ballpark. It was the perfect way to break up the workweek. Plus we haven’t been to a game together in what seems like forever. The Texas-in-June-heat aside, we had a lot of fun!

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